About me

Currently, I am the Systems Impact Data Scientist with King County's Department of Community and Human Services Performance Measurement and Evaluation unit. In this role I work to build out sustainable strategies for ongoing linkage of health and human services data across divisional silos while developing new client centered analysis that bring together cross-sector data to better understand the people we serve.

Previously, I completed PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, and a consultant at the Center for Social Science Computation and Research. My dissertation combined quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate community-level democratic outcomes from the implementation of participatory budgeting, a type of public process in which residents of a community are given control over how local public budgets are spent. I work as a data and research consultant at the Center for Social Science Computation and Research specializing in R, STATA, and Atlas.ti and am an affiliate of the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences

Outside data science and research, I also work in Seattle as a theatrical lighting designer (recent collaborations include work with Reboot Theatre Company, Annex Theatre, and Cafe Nordo) and escape the city to climb mountains when I can!